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The best browser for Windows 10

At Opera, we really like Windows 10, especially its touchscreen promise. And, we believe that surfing with this platform can be much better than one offered by its default browser, Microsoft Edge.

Now, with Opera 36 released, today, we have taken a big step to become the best browser for Windows 10.

Refreshed start page


With the new version available not only for for Windows, but also for Mac and Linux, Opera’s start page offers a new, sharper and cleaner look. The start-page navigation panel has been moved to the left to optimize horizontal space on popular widescreen monitors. In the top-right corner you will find the “Customize start page” cogwheel option, which allows you to change themes or switch languages for the news section in one place, among other options.

Modern-app-like browsing on Windows 10

The UI has changed even more on Windows 10. Opera now blends with the system, changing colors across the application to match its style. To contrast against lighter backgrounds, we even changed the foreground color. You can now control whether you want to keep the Opera colors or get a new system look by going to Settings.


Opera now adapts to your input method and makes life easier for those of you using touch. With touch input, it will automatically increase the size of toolbar items and all context menus, plus it will give you a new icon for the fullscreen move, exactly like modern apps do.

We’ve also added some cool-looking graphics to make our style blend better with the native style of Windows 10. We hope you’ll like it.

Opera vs other browsers

Although Opera is a classic desktop app, we can now boast a look very similar to other apps available in the Windows Store. With these new UI elements added, we bring almost the same set of platform-specific UI options as Edge – and much more than other browsers.

Unlike Firefox, we offer Windows 10 users native notifications, touch-mode support, the fullscreen icon and bigger context menus for touchscreens, as well as an option to switch to system colors.


Unlike Edge, Opera allows you to enhance your browsing experience through extensions, including sidebar extensions. To handle them more easily, especially for those of you who have tons of them, in Opera 36, we’ve added an extension toolbar expander.


Plus, we also have animated themes that look just great on Windows 10.

Go, and compare for yourself. Download Opera 36, and let us know what you think.


Feed Source: Opera Desktop
Article Source: The best browser for Windows 10

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