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State of containers: a discussion with CoreOS, VMware and Google

Ever since Google engineers started the work on cGroups, the enabling technology for containers in the Linux Kernel, we’ve led innovation in container technology. In addition to leading development of Kubernetes, the open source container orchestration engine, everything at Google, from Gmail to Maps to YouTube, runs in a container. Each week we launch over 2 billion containers, allowing us to dynamically flex to increase resource utilization and efficiency of our infrastructure.

While containers have been in production for years at web-scale companies, they’ve only recently been popularized and made accessible to all developers. In these early days of container adoption, I hear a few common questions: why do containers matter, how safe are they and how should I use them?

For this month’s Cloud Platform newsletter, I sat down to discuss these issues with some leaders from the container software industry: Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS, Kit Colbert, VP & CTO, Cloud-Native Apps at VMware and Craig McLuckie, Product Manager with Google Cloud Platform.

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Take a look at a few highlights from our talk below.

Why does anyone care about container technology?

Craig McLuckie: Container technologies have solved a really hard problem around the hermetic sealing and deployment of an application. As we look to the future, every enterprise…needs access to the capabilities that have previously been the provenance of internet giants alone.

What are some myths that we need to bust about containers?

Alex Polvi: [That they are inherently less secure]. What you were doing before containers…was just running a bunch of different applications on one machine. …If any of those got compromised in any way, the attacker could go get the rest of the server. …At least with containers you’re putting up some boundaries and walls between every single application.

What needs to happen in the industry that isn’t happening now for containers to take hold?

Kit Colbert: Most of the customers we talk to… [today] are the cutting edge ones…and what you’ll see happening over time is more out-of-the-box solutions. …Things that just work and are able to let IT teams take it and run.

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Article Source: State of containers: a discussion with CoreOS, VMware and Google

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