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Sponsor: Treehouse

Treehouse has been a long time sponsor here on CSS-Tricks. You know them. They do online training for web and mobile design and development. Here’s a couple of things that I think are especially cool about Treehouse:

  • There are conference videos in there you won’t find anywhere else. I was just poking around and found three videos of me at conferences I was recently at!
  • There are of course tons of courses, but they are very well organized into tracks which help you focus on a path you’re most interested in.
  • They walk the walk with a beautiful website themselves.
  • While I would never discourage anyone from going to a university, it’s likely you’ll learn more up-to-date practical tech on Treehouse for less than 1% of the cost.

I was talking with Micah, one of their guys over there, and he brought up a good point: while you can dig into Treehouse and binge learn for hours at a time, you can also learn a lot just by stopping in for 15 minutes a day.

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