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Sponsor: Mack Weldon

Guys. (Literally guys this time, sorry gals.)

I don’t particularly like clothes shopping. So I don’t. 95% of the clothes I own I buy online. But I also like nicely made clothes. It’s not a splurge. They last longer, are more comfortable, and end up being a more economical buy.

That’s why I’m glad there are companies like Mack Weldon that make high quality clothes that used to suck to shop for: underwear, undershirts, and socks. This is what they have to say specifically about their underwear:

  • We thought underwear could be better, so we made it by combining old school quality with new technology.
  • We spent 10,000 hours creating better underwear, starting with our own new fabric we call 18 Hour Jersey. The fabric sits for 18 hours before it’s cut, giving it time to naturally breathe and acclimate.
  • Features like a no-roll waistband, stay-put legs and mesh cools zones make these very comfortable even after a full day’s wear.

They want you to be comfortable in great underwear, so if you don’t like your first pair, they’ll send a different size or give you a refund. No need to send anything back.

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