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Opera 31 on developer stream


Today we move to version 31 with our new developer 31.0.1857.0 build. So far we’ve enabled Encrypted Media Extensions like Widevine DRM, while the rest of the features is hidden behind flags (happy hunting!). We will provide more information as we move on further into development of Opera 31.

Our changelog shows all the fixes and improvements, the biggest change being the bump to 44 version of Chromium as it always is with new Opera. After this major change, first developer builds can be more prone to cause some issues that you should be aware of:

Known issues

  • Some internal pages can’t be accessed, e.g. Print, Discover, Private window landing page is displayed incorrectly, Private window theme is missing
  • HTML5 videos are crashing renderer when using MSE
  • Changelog and download links

    Full changelog

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