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Meet the Opera bloggers: Ruth from the United Kingdom

If you follow Opera on Twitter or Facebook, you might have already heard of Ruth. She’s one of our social-media ninjas, dedicated to answering all your questions and passing your feedback to our product teams.

@uvaavu Woohoo! Will take a high five for that o/ appreciate your support :) /Ruth

— Opera (@opera) February 26, 2016

By now, you know that Ruth is a) not a robot b) super quick in answering and c) helpful and tech savvy. She is also a blogger at gradexpatations.com, a fire hazard in the kitchen (ask her about the tea-towel incident) and a fan of crisps dipped in hummus and guacamole.

Want to know more about her? Check out this interview and follow her on Twitter!


What is your superpower at Opera?

People power. I love interacting with our Opera communities, and I know the importance of building open, genuine and personable relationships with the people who use our apps and browsers.

Tell us something about you that people don’t know.

I have a post-graduate certification in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and I’m a huge psychology nerd. I still consider myself a bit of a metal-head and often listen to the kind of music that would frighten your parents. I’m vegan! I still love playing old Playstation games like Crash Bandicoot. I learnt to ride a bike 2 years ago… Ok, fine, I still can’t ride a bike.

When you are not at work, where can we find you?

In a quirky Oslo café writing my blog, sipping gin in a friend’s apartment or going to Norwegian class. Well, when I’m being a good student anyway – hahaha.

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Article Source: Meet the Opera bloggers: Ruth from the United Kingdom

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