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Localising Joomla! Documentation

I am pleased to announce the launch of our localisation project for Joomla! documentation. Using an extension designed specifically for translation of pages, our documentation can now be translated. In fact, the translation will be close to the original content of a current documentation page. Once translated, a page will be tracked and when needed, it can be updated easily if the content changes.

For a long time, our international community has desired Joomla! documentation in their native language. One of the major hurdles was deciding how and what tools to use for translating our documentation. This not only included how to translate, but how to track documentation changes while keeping the translated pages up-to-date with the original source pages. You can see an example of a translated page in our sandbox.

Besides tracking the original content of the page, if the original content ever changes, the translation can be updated easily. What is radically different from traditional translations, it will be unnecessary to translate the entire page again. Translators will only have to re-translate the section of a page with changes.

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