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Helping You Build What’s Next

Google Cloud Platform is built with you, our users, in mind. We want to arm you with amazingly innovative tools, wrapped inside a beautiful experience, so you can move from idea to impact fast. We’ll help you automate the time-consuming infrastructure, security, and data parts of your cloud stack, allowing you to focus on building amazing applications, achieving your goals, and growing your business. Now, we’d like to show you in-person how exactly you can do that, better than you ever have before.

Introducing Next, a global event series that brings Google Cloud Platform to you live so you can learn about and try the tools to build your next great project.
This June, Next will make stops in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, London, and Amsterdam. You’ll learn firsthand how developers and IT professionals like you are using Google Cloud Platform to quickly make amazing new things that get you from an idea to an application and/or decision quickly. We’ll take you through our latest services and features then get you trained via our hands-on labs.

We’re lining up an amazing group of industry leaders and experts from companies such as Avaya, SnapChat, DeNA, and Outfit7 to share their unique stories and explain how Google Cloud Platform has helped them reach their goals and thrive. They’re tackling today’s most difficult business challenges and succeeding – let us show you how.

We’ll also be joined by many partners including PWC, Tableau, Fastly, and Equinix to share their individual solutions on reimagining business in the cloud, understanding customers with data-intensive workloads, delivering performance driven scalability, and building a flexible cloud architecture.

And if Next isn’t coming to a city near you, you can always stream one of our keynotes online. Either way, we’re excited to show you how to Build What’s Next.

Please join us at Next – registration is open now.

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