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Google’s network edge: presence, connectivity and choice for today’s enterprise

Today’s enterprise must focus on running key workloads both on-premises locally and remotely in the cloud. There is simultaneously the need to keep the quality of service high for end-users in terms of network latency and reliability, and the need to ensure efficiency and security for your company’s hybrid workloads – particularly workloads that are bandwidth-intensive or latency-sensitive. Raw performance, reliability and security have been major focus areas for Google from the start, and our goal with Google Cloud Platform is to share the benefits of continuous networking innovation with our customers.

We have four announcements today in support of two major technical goals. The first is to use Google’s global network footprint – over 70 points of presence across 33 countries – to serve users close to where they are, ensuring the same low latency and responsiveness customers can expect from Google’s own services. The second goal relates to enabling enterprises to run mission-critical workloads by connecting their on-premises infrastructure to Google’s network with enterprise-grade encryption.

Today we’re announcing:

  • General Availability of Cloud DNS
  • Expansion of our load balancing solutions to 12 additional points of presence globally (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Dallas, Miami, London, Paris, Stockholm, Munich, Madrid, Lisbon)
  • Beta of VPN
  • 11 additional Carrier Interconnect service providers

Managed DNS

With Cloud DNS – our high performance, managed DNS solution for user-facing applications and services – you can host millions of zones and records and handle SLA-backed name-serving queries. For customers with more than 10,000 zones, our new pricing tier lowers the cost of ownership for large organizations operating DNS infrastructure at scale.

Global Load Balancing

Today’s connected user is accustomed to fast and responsive application services, be they web services accessed from a browser or apps on a mobile device. Latency (“lag”) is noticeable immediately, especially as users switch from a fast, optimized service to a slow one. With the expansion of Google’s load balancing solution to 12 additional locations, your workloads running on Google Cloud Platform are closer in proximity to your users who are making service requests from all over the globe.

Additional Carrier Interconnect service providers and VPN Beta

We continue to build on our goal of enabling enterprises to connect their on-premises infrastructure to Google’s network over encrypted channels to run data-intensive, latency-sensitive workloads. In addition to announcing the beta for Cloud VPN, we’re pleased to introduce 11 additional Carrier Interconnect service providers. Our growing list of technology partners extends our reach to customer locations globally while providing tailored connectivity and choice.

iStreamPlanet is one such customer who has taken advantage of our infrastructure breadth to make high-quality connections into the Google network. iStreamPlanet recently launched Aventus, its SaaS-based product that enables content owners to serve high-quality live video with simplicity to viewers across devices. Running on Google Cloud Platform, iStreamPlanet is able to create live video events for its customers in minutes rather than days, and has lowered bandwidth costs by more than 40 percent using Google Cloud Platform’s Direct Peering offering.

We’d also like to welcome CloudFlare as a Google Cloud Platform Technology Partner. CloudFlare provides website speed optimization, security and DDOS protection, as well as caching solutions over its globally distributed network. With nearly no setup required, CloudFlare reports speed optimizations that result in content loading twice as fast on average for visitors.

Google’s network, built out over the past 15 years, is a key enabler behind the services relied upon every day by our customers and our users – from Search to Maps, YouTube to Cloud Platform. We invite you to contact us to explore how we can make Google’s network an extension of your own, or to learn about your specific needs around serving your users wherever they may be globally. You can read more about Google Cloud Networking here.

-Posted by Morgan Dollard, Cloud Networking Product Management Lead

Feed Source: Google Cloud Platform Blog
Article Source: Google’s network edge: presence, connectivity and choice for today’s enterprise

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