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Google BigQuery teams with industry leaders to expand partner ecosystem

We recently announced improvements to Google BigQuery including increased scale for streaming inserts, security enhancements, and added availability in European zones. While we continue to forge ahead with enhancements to BigQuery, we are also focused on enhancing the ecosystem of partners so you benefit from a rich choice of tools to develop data-driven solutions.

Preparing Data and Loading it into BigQuery
We’ve heard your request to make it easier to load data into BigQuery and we’ve increased the choices you have here.

BigQuery is tightly integrated with a number of key Google services including Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud Logging, and Google Analytics Premium.

You may have hybrid solutions with data both on-premises and in the cloud, a range of data sources from a variety of applications in different formats, or you might benefit from the option of a fully managed ETL service. BigQuery integrations including those with SnapLogic, Talend, and xPlenty will provide you with these choices to prepare your data for analytics in BigQuery.

Visualizing Results
Rich, visually interactive front-ends can be built on BigQuery. BigQuery supports technologies like JDBC/ODBC, and has integrations with products like those from Tableau, QlikTech, Bime, and Looker. These options provide seamless access and enable you to get rapid business insights through analysis of very large datasets.

Developing Solutions Powered by BigQuery
The growing BigQuery ecosystem includes open source tools like Fluentd which allow you to ingest data from many sources. You can use re:dash to improve data collaboration, and OWOX lets you use BigQuery with Google sheets. Also, the Hadoop connector for BigQuery allows Hadoop and Spark applications to access data in BigQuery.

In addition, service partners like Bimotics and Archipelago can help you use your big data, the cloud way – providing strategic insights and developing end-to-end custom solutions that are powered by BigQuery.

You can learn more about the BigQuery ecosystem here. We also have an active BigQuery community on Stack Overflow, where you can find users asking questions and sharing their knowledge.

With this growing ecosystem of partners and tools, you can more easily and rapidly upload data, visualize your results, and develop end-to-end solutions that are powered by BigQuery.

- Posted by Tanya Shastri, Strategic Partner Development Manager

Feed Source: Google Cloud Platform Blog
Article Source: Google BigQuery teams with industry leaders to expand partner ecosystem

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