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Disaster Recovery using Google Cloud Platform

No matter where your system is hosted, what technology stack you use, or what language you code in, things fail, services get interrupted, and your customers potentially aren’t able to use your system.  A Disaster Recovery (DR) plan is an essential element of a good system.  It’s your runbook when a disaster occurs and will help get your system, and customers, back in business again as soon as possible.

Google can help.  Google Cloud Platform greatly reduces the costs and effort associated with implementing a DR plan.  However, there isn’t a one size fits all solution so we’re pleased to announce that we have released a DR Planning Guide and Cookbook to help you determine how to implement a cost effective solution that fits your business and specific use case.

The Planning Guide talks you through the issues you need to take into consideration when designing your DR plan.  It looks at topics such as designing for your recovery goals, through to understanding the impact of what configuration the image that you use to start an instance  has on your recovery time objective (RTO). If you’re not familiar with Google Cloud Platform then the planning guide also has a handy list of the products you would typically consider in a DR scenario.

To complement the Planning Guide, the Cookbook provides guidance on how to implement a variety of Disaster Recovery scenarios using Google Cloud Platform. Do you want to implement a tiered storage solution but are put off by the costs? The Cookbook has a scenario that will address this while keeping costs down using Google Cloud Platform  storage options to provide a cost effective solution.

Are you seeking a way to fail over your on premises production application to the cloud? The Cookbook covers that as well. Those are just two examples covered in the Cookbook, have a look yourself to explore the many other scenarios, whether you’re running mainly on premises, Google Cloud Platform or another cloud provider.

We hope that whether you’re an existing customer or new to Google Cloud Platform by using the Disaster Recovery  Planning Guide and Cookbook  we can help you with implementing a DR solution that fits your use case.

- Posted by Grace Mollison, Solutions Architect

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