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Deploy Percona XtraDB Cluster on Google Compute Engine

Implementing high-availability for MySQL can easily become complicated with so many options, including some that go a step further in combining high-availability with multi-master replication in a cluster format and more. Not to mention that besides MySQL’s own replication functionality, separate open source projects also include Tungsten Replicator and Galera, amongst others. It’s clear that each option has pros and cons, and selecting the best option for your specific use case can require a lot of research and testing.

That’s why today we’re going to try making this process easier by introducing Click to Deploy Percona XtraDB Cluster to help you simply launch a cluster preconfigured and ready-to-use in just a few clicks. Percona is an open source company supporting MySQL that provides a convenient package called Percona XtraDB Cluster, which combines Percona Server with Galera replication software. Using Percona XtraDB Cluster, developers can set up and configure a multi-master MySQL cluster with additional performance, scalability and diagnostic improvements over standard MySQL. Plus, Percona software is open source and compatible with existing MySQL environments.

Along with Percona XtraDB Cluster, each server node includes Percona Toolkit, a set of command-line tools for administering MySQL, giving developers more flexibility in their options for MySQL clustering. Our goal with this Click to Deploy application is to provide an environment to evaluate Percona XtraDB Cluster as a solid option in high-availability MySQL. We want to help illustrate how Google Compute Engine can be used on a team already using MySQL, so you can build your applications however way you like.

Learn more about running Percona on Google Compute Engine and deploy a Percona MySQL cluster today with our free trial credit. Please let us know what you think about this feature and the challenges with scaling MySQL in the cloud. You can also contact Percona for Consulting, Support, Managed Services, and Training. Deploy away!

-Posted by Chris Pomeroy, Program Manager

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