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Comment on Do Not Track and the GDPR by Andrew

As an EU citizen, and simply as a reader, I feel hemmed by the overwhelming, neverending and present on every web page, questions if I wish to be tracked.
Instead of a real “privacy by default”, which could only mean a real opt-in: a law-enforced assumption that nobody wants to be tracked, unless they create accounts, log in and ask to be remembered, we are being forced to answer the same question hundreds or thousands of times a week or month, which brings the memories of totalitary government’s security service officers asking people a question as many times as needed to be answered “the only proper way”.

In my opinion, any sane person should expect organizations like w3c to settle and the software industry to follow a standard way to allow the user of a browser application to define his consent or objection to gathering and processing of specific categories of data and aims for which they may be processed according to the law – only once and already on the browser application level, like the already available DNT.
The DNT itself, however, from the perspective of a human being who does not wish to be attacked with endless requests to agree to be tracked, is plainly useless if the website operators/administrators are not enforced by the law to honor it. Frankly speaking, the fact that DNT is built in the browsers, is probably merely an excuse so that software vendors, including open source, can tall the users “look, we have done so much to protect your privacy”, at the same time accepting money from internet giants of online marketing…

I am awaiting proper plugins to automate saying no to all those privacy hunters…

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Article Source: Comment on Do Not Track and the GDPR by Andrew

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