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Building an Opera browser that’s ready for Windows 10

Are you excited about the arrival of Windows 10? So are we. Our team in Warsaw, Poland, is hard at work these days making the final tweaks to Opera browser for Windows in preparation for this new platform which will be released on July 29.

Here’s what it looks like at the moment:

Preview of Opera for Windows 10: We are prepping the Opera browser for Windows for Microsoft's new platform.

After some hands-on experience, Mateusz, one of Opera’s Quality Assurance engineers, noted, “Windows 10 is quick and nice and quite useful.” It combines the utility of Windows 7 with the beauty of Windows 8.1. Quite something to look forward to!

Opera has three ways for you to test-drive Opera on Windows 10

The current stable version – Opera 30 – runs pretty well on the developer preview of Windows 10 already. We also have Opera versions for Windows 10 under development in our developer and beta streams. Among the new Windows 10 features, we’re most excited about those that enhance the user experience for browsing, like the ability to switch between desktop and tablet modes and multiple desktops.

Coming soon: Opera 31

Following our release schedule, the stable version of Opera for computers is due to be rolled out in late July, which should coincide well with the anticipated release of Windows 10.

Still looking for a better browser for Windows? Go here to get Opera for free.

Feed Source: Opera News
Article Source: Building an Opera browser that’s ready for Windows 10

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