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Announcing General Availability of Google Compute Engine Autoscaler and 32 core VMs

Our customers have a wide range of compute needs, from temporary batch processing to high-scale web workloads. Google Cloud Platform provides a resilient compute platform for workloads of all sizes enabling our customers with both scale out and scale up capabilities.

Today we are making two scaling capabilities available to all customers.

Announcing General Availability of Google Compute Engine Autoscaler
From startup to an established enterprise, it’s important for you to preserve a great user experience when responding to spiky traffic – whether caused by sudden popularity, a flash sale, or a change in user behavior. But too often scaling your services variable load with spikes of millions of requests per second is a complex process. Autoscaler makes this simpler.

With Google Compute Engine Autoscaler you’re able to dynamically scale the number of instances in response to load conditions. Simply define the ideal utilization of your group of compute instances, and Autoscaler will add instances when needed and remove them when traffic is low. This saves you money and headaches since you don’t have to buy and hold spare capacity. Furthermore, Autoscaler can scale from zero to millions of requests per second in minutes without the need to pre-warm.

Today Autoscaler is generally available, along with the underlying engine of managed infrastructure – Managed Instance Groups.

Autoscaler removes complexity and lets you forget about capacity planning or load traffic monitoring, so that you can focus on what’s most important – your business. See our tutorial video to learn more about how to scale on Google Compute Engine. To read more about Autoscaler and to provide feedback about the feature, see the documentation.

Announcing General Availability of 32-core VMs
If you’re doing large-scale compute and storage-intensive work such as graphics rendering, you may benefit from bigger compute instances. During our beta, 32-core VMs have proven very popular with customers running many different workloads, including visual effects rendering, video transcoding, large MySQL and Postgres instances, and more.

Today 32-core VMs are generally available for three machine types:
  • Standard: 32 virtual CPUs and 120 GB of memory
  • High-memory: 32 virtual CPUs and 208 GB of memory
  • High-CPU: 32 virtual CPUs and 28.8 GB of memory

And we are not stopping there! If your application or workload needs even beefier VMs, we’d love to hear more about your requirements.

Google Cloud Platform provides a complete set of compute capabilities, from PaaS (App Engine) to Containers (Container Engine) to Virtual Machines (Compute Engine) at the best price:performance ratio currently available. You can take us for a spin with a Free Trial today!

- Posted by Jerzy Foryciarz and Scott Van Woudenberg, Google Compute Engine Product Managers

Feed Source: Google Cloud Platform Blog
Article Source: Announcing General Availability of Google Compute Engine Autoscaler and 32 core VMs

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