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2014 Year in Review: A growing partner ecosystem

Today’s post is the latest installation in our 2014 Google Cloud Platform Year in Review. Every day until January, we will be featuring a different Googler sharing their highlight from the past year in Cloud Platform.

Our partners took on an ever-expanding role in 2014. While you were hard at work building the next thing, our partners were in many cases by your side–helping architect your app, guiding migration strategy, or making it possible to get up and running with a tool in minutes via a click-to-deploy.

For the FIFA World Cup™ this past summer, Coca-Cola called on CI&T, a Google Cloud Platform services partner, to build something that would visually illustrate soccer’s global reach. The end result was the Happiness Flag, built using App Engine. It’s the world’s largest mosaic flag crafted from thousands of crowdsourced images submitted by people in more than 200 countries.

Thousands of miles away back in San Francisco, Cloud Platform partner Q42 created a special Sandbox experience for Google I/O attendees to experience first hand the Philips Hue light bulb system it helped build using Google Cloud Platform. Philips hue light bulbs, together with a bridge and an app, can wake you up, help protect your home, or even keep you informed about the weather.

Emind, headquartered in Israel, is re-thinking television viewing through its work with Screenz, a production company. With help from Emind, Screenz launched its Real Time Platform, used by the show Rising Star to enable real-time voting by viewers via a mobile app that is fully integrated into the television program.

Bringing more of your favorite developer resources to Google Cloud Platform was also an important part of 2014. MongoDB, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, and many others launched click-to-deploy functionality on Cloud Platform. Bitnami released its Launchpad for Cloud Platform featuring almost 100 cloud images. And Red Hat, SUSE, and Canonical/Ubuntu released images optimized for Compute Engine.

These were just a few of our favorite partner moments in 2014, and I know 2015 will hold many more as we expand our partner business worldwide. Thank you to all of our partners that make building on Google Cloud Platform the experience that it is today.

–Posted by Chris Rimer, Google Cloud Platform Global Partner Business Lead

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Article Source: 2014 Year in Review: A growing partner ecosystem

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