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2014 in figures

Infographic showing numbers for W3C activity in 2014

Notes & assumptions

  • Average orbital height of the International Space Station is estimated at 415 km (258 miles).
  • The world’s largest hypostyle hall is the temple of Amon-Re at Karnak in Egypt.
  • Sumo wrestler weight is 149 kg (328 lb), calculated as the average of the current three yokozuna (grand champions) — Hakuho, Harumafuji and Kakuryu.
  • Emails are assumed to be individually printed on A4 paper (80 g/m2).
  • Airliner capacity is based on Boeing 737-800 planes with 189 seats in a single-class layout.
  • Thank you to Openclipart for being a great source of SVG images.

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